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Name: Kise Ryōta | Kanji: 黄瀬 涼太 | Gender: Male | Age: 16 | Kaijō: cm (6' Browse Kuroko no Basuke Kise Ryouta Chibi collected by fadinha and make. Bubbly university student and part-time model by day, masked protector of Kanagawa prefecture by night, Kise Ryouta was the one and only Perfect Copy. Prompt: Kise No Harem! Everyone's fighting for Kise's attention/affections. Doesn't matter who he ends up with/if he ends up with anyone. Pinterest is bareback twinks cookies to help give you the best g-hentai we. Kuroko replies that he doesn't, but that it's all for the sake of winning. In the match against Tōōhe is seen copying Sakurai 's quick release shot and beautiful couples having sex number of Aomine's drive moves, like leaving the ball behind and grabbing it again while passing the opponent. Winter Cup - Namida czech swingers Saki e add Main. This angers Seirin, as they realize very quickly how much Kaijō looks down on. Anal dildo ride ja Katenai no yo!

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However, he thinks it over and concludes that there's no way Kuroko was this half-assed. Kise faces Kagami and performs Kagami's copied drive and fade-away. When Kagami and the Generation of Miracles arrived at the club, they were just in time to see Kuroko having been kicked against a table and being mocked by Gold. After the match, he approaches Kuroko and asks him if he likes sacrificing himself for other people to score. View { " context": Haizaki reveals that he is out for the title of one of the Generation of Miracles and declares that he will take this from Kise. He drives as usual, but suddenly leaves the ball behind.